What sets an ICI MAINTENANT skirt apart from the rest?

Ici Maintenant is passionate about skirts, from top to toe. Our customers acquire a skirt that combines trendiness with craftsmanship, created using breathtaking embroidered fabrics from world-famous St. Gallen textile companies. Each skirt offers a wide range of possibilities for fashionable combinations – from high heels to an oversized sweater. For work, or for the evening, and perhaps even a little tongue-in-cheek.


Why should I have at least one in my wardrobe?

Because an Ici Maintenant skirt is a worthwhile investment. In an all-time favourite that looks great and can and should be worn very often. Because it is expertly crafted, and suited to almost every situation. Because it is a good travel companion, and matches any outfit – whether classic or cool.


What’s the best way to wear the skirt?

The answer is, you simply can’t go wrong. The skirts by Ici Maintenant come in countless variations, all of which are attractive. Why not just take a look and be inspired.


Why do the skirts have women’s names?

Because we dedicate them to women who wow us, who move, delight, fascinate, confuse and inspire us.


Why is everything from Ici Maintenant made in Switzerland?

Because we demand the highest possible quality – from the idea right through to manufacture and storage. All of the skirts from Ici Maintenant are sewn using fabrics embroidered in St. Gallen. Every stage of production takes place in Switzerland.


What is so special about St. Gallen embroidery?

The textile industry was an essential part of the region’s economy for centuries, with many people dependent on the production and trade of textiles for their livelihood.

St. Gallen embroidery became significant in the second half of the 19th century, even going on to become one of Switzerland’s biggest exports by the outbreak of the First World War. The fabrics and embroidery were world-renowned, coveted by royal families, and continue to play a prominent role in fashion to this day.


Do I need a user account to order?

No, our aim is to make purchasing a skirt as convenient as possible for you. It’s still worth registering, though: a user account will enable you to benefit from future offers and discounts.


Can I also send a skirt back?

Any article you order from Ici Maintenant can be returned within 14 days of receipt by exercising your right of return. Details of your right of return, what should be taken into account when trying on a skirt and how reimbursement works can be found under “Right of return” in our General Terms and Conditions.


Where can I find information about sizes, fit and care?

In the shop you will find a link to a size chart for each skirt, with the measurements of the skirt and an international conversion table, as well as information about material and care. In addition to this, each image also provides information about fit and the measurements of the model.


What should I do if I’m not sure?

If you have any questions about our skirts or aren’t sure about which size is right for you, just contact us (T +41 71 222 31 31 or hello@icimaintenant.ch). We’ll be happy to help.

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