Ici Maintenant: our Story

Ici Maintenant: our Story

Dear ICI-Customer

Welcome to my website. My name is Tamara Stadler and I am the founder of ICI MAINTENANT. 

Following my graduation from the Swiss Textile College, several years working in sales and marketing in the international fashion industry, and a break during which my wonderful daughters were born, I decided to found my own high-fashion label in 2016. The idea was to create a brand dedicated to the perfect skirt and focus all my energies on creating a collection with a clear philosophy in the often confusing world of luxury fashion. 

Despite my Italian roots, I feel a very strong connection to St. Gallen in Switzerland, the place where I was born. My label is a homage to this wonderful town. And with good reason – St. Gallen is famous for its stunning traditional lace and world-renowned embroidery work, which is the source of my passion and the foundation of my career.

I launched ICI MAINTENANT in 2017. At the start, I spent a lot of time on research, developing and finding the right manufacturing partners. The company has since grown into a professional team that creates and launches two collections a year. We use unique haute couture fabrics created by world-renowned manufacturers applying special techniques. A great deal of hard work goes into carefully selecting the most exquisite fabrics, which we source from across the globe. Nearly all of the textiles we use are then further processed in our atelier, meaning they are exclusively used to create ICI MAINTENANT skirts. The inspiration for the theme of a new collection usually comes from a stunning fabric created by Jakob Schlaepfer, and each of our lines features a selection of breathtaking sequin skirts.

The skirt is something that is exclusively reserved for women. It provides the perfect canvas upon which we can create stunning works of art with our unique fabrics. Elegant and feminine, skirts offer an endless number of possible pairings and combinations, for styles ranging from formal, to fresh and summery, to something a little more rock ‘n’ roll. We love the wealth of different looks a skirt can inspire, and would love to inspire you to create your very own unique combinations. 

Creating skirts that fit absolutely flawlessly is something we are truly passionate about. Despite their delicate appearance, many of our fabrics are highly durable, and the skirts are ideal for travelling as they hardly crease. This is something that I always really appreciate when I’m on a business trip or heading away on holiday. 

Starting your own business is an amazing and unique experience. It’s exciting, satisfying, sometimes exhausting – but always fascinating. And it always gives me a great new challenge to take on. I don’t think I would have succeeded without the support of my husband day in, day out. We always hash out ideas and discuss different plans. I really can’t think of a better partner. My daughters are also great at supporting me – which might have something to do with the princess skirts their mum makes for them. And I love my team more with every day that passes. I can feel the ICI spirit from the very moment I walk into the office. I couldn’t do it without them!

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy exploring our collections. Let us inspire you to create a unique look – and find a new favourite piece that you just can’t live without!

Tamara Stadler