Tam’s Choice: Anna


At Fashion Week, if you don’t have your own entourage complete with drivers and stylists, then you have no chance of changing outfits several times a day between shows. When I was doing the rounds at the Fashion Weeks, back when they were still called things like “Prêt-à-Porter Paris”, the in thing was to wear sneakers and put your high heels into your big handbag, slipping them on just before the show. The taxis weren’t running. No – the drivers were actually refusing to pick up passengers. Because the locations were all so near to each other. Not a single taxi driver would take pity on the women’s poor, tired feet. That was also around about the time of the trend for pairing trouser suits with trainers. So we learnt how to look stylish while staying comfortable.

The outfit needs to be suitable for a marathon session of fashion shows – so it needs to look hip, be fit for any occasion, and able to stand up to a bit of walking. Bear in mind that fashion capitals often seem to be paved with cobbles.

My trendy suggestion: the Anna skirt from ICI MAINTENANT, from the couture collection by Jakob Schlaepfer. A stunning pencil skirt featuring opulent copper-coloured embroidery. During the day, you can pair this with a pair of comfortable sandals with a wide heel and socks, so you don’t end up with blisters, plus a thick oversized jumper. For the evening, in true fashionista style, you pull off your sweater to reveal a sexy, strappy silk top, and then slip on some classic patent pumps. That means you don’t need to rush back to the hotel to get changed – no danger of missing the start of the evening’s events! This is also the perfect outfit for a woman with lots to do during the day who needs to rush off for a date with her lover or dinner with the girls in the evening.

All you need is a large handbag to stash your accessories in – but that’s a given. I wish you all inspiring Fashion Weeks, kisses!