Tam’s choice: Ulyana

I love spending my summers with my entire family, including my great-grandmother, in Heiligendamm by the Baltic Sea. It’s simply lovely. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves, working up an appetite, finally having the time to read, looking out over the sea and also occasionally getting in a workout. And you don’t have to worry about sunscreen here – after two weeks in Italy wearing SPF 50, when it’s cloudy and not too hot you can get by in just a T-shirt.

But since we never know what the weather will be like (weather forecasts are generally somewhat imprecise, but especially so in the mountains and by the sea), we needed to pack for all eventualities. Sundresses for the girls, windcheaters, thick jumpers, stylish swimsuits and of course a few chic pieces for the evenings at the glamorous Kursaal. Naturally, at some point, your suitcase is filled to bursting, and you will have to improvise from time to time once you’re there. That is why I made sure to pack my favourite summer skirt from ICI – the Ulyana skirt, which was designed based on bobbin lace and is embroidered with beautiful sequinned flowers. I haven’t exactly treated the skirt very well. Since it doesn’t wrinkle, I left it folded in the hotel cupboard until I decided to wear it this evening. It looks fabulous.

I paired the skirt with a fine cornflower cashmere pullover. The result is a fresh summer look that makes me happy and is also extremely comfortable. I skipped the petticoat since it’s summer and the skirt isn’t exactly see-through, just airy and light. And, because I wanted to dress up a bit for our evening at a Japanese restaurant, I chose a classic pair of Jimmy Choo heels – Romy pointy-toe pumps in forest green. In this whimsical, lightweight summer look I feel well-dressed and wonderful.