Ici Maintenant: made in Switzerland

The creations from Ici Maintenant are an homage to St. Gallen embroidery. Textile specialist Tamara Stadler designs modern, individual and uncompromisingly wearable skirts using spectacular fabrics from Jakob Schlaepfer, Forster Rohner and Bischoff Textil. The results of her work deserve to become an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Most of the textiles are processed only here, which means that they are available exclusively from Ici Maintenant, and no other fashion label.

An Ici Maintenant skirt is an ode to style and quality. The first-class workmanship is not only visible, it can also be felt. Even the embroidered sequins are no issue when sitting in an Ici Maintenant skirt. The embroidery technique used is one that was invented and patented in St. Gallen. Who says skirts are impractical?

The skirts are all made in Switzerland. Every step in the semi-couture production takes place in Switzerland and is completely transparent. Just as natural as the women who wear Ici Maintenant.