Showcasing the skirt

As a young girl I loved accompanying my mother to the opera in St. Gallen. Much more than the performance itself, however, I was fascinated by the ladies in their skirts made of St. Gallen embroidery.

Over the years, as I travelled the world on business and for pleasure, a desire grew in me to raise the profile of the skirt. The skirt is, and should be, whatever you want it to be. A key wardrobe staple that highlights your personality.

Gone are the days when career women could be seen in nothing but dark trouser suits. Nowadays women are also taken seriously in dresses and skirts – while still maintaining an attractive appearance. ICI MAINTENANT is the skirt we like to wear every day. For work we go for a businesslike approach, while at the weekend we like to be more relaxed, pairing our skirt up with matching sneakers. And a cosy oversized sweater. Or we reach for our high heels in a last-minute decision to go out with friends.

The point is, you simply can’t go wrong. Women have so many options when deciding what to combine with a skirt. Fashion can be fun and comfortable – and has no limits. The silhouette has also evolved, and women with figures of all kinds can now enjoy looking great – whatever the backdrop may be.